Motorcycle Trike Trips

A motorcycle trike trip is the perfect treat for any bike enthusiast or anyone who’s always dreamed of riding a motorbike but has never taken the plunge!  Whatever your reasons, a motorcycle trike trip makes a truly memorable gift or an unusual form of transport for a wedding, school prom or any special occasion.

rightImageIf you are taking a trip on a trike, and you’re anywhere near the West Midlands, make sure you take in the National Motorcyle Museum - a great place for a family day out.

School prom nights have become a huge event at the end of that all-important final school year, so why not arrange transport that your son or daughter will remember forever?  Motorcycle trikes are safe, offering the stability you get from a car with the style of a motorbike, providing plenty of opportunity for memorable photos along the way!  There are now several motorcycle trike hire companies around the UK offering this unique form of prom transport. Check out the Isle of Man TT racing website.

Motorcycle trikes also make an unusual, stylish mode of transport for weddings.  The perfect way for the groom and best man to arrive at the church in style, or wonderful transport for the bride and groom to set off on married life together, a motorcycle trike is the ideal option for anyone looking to add a quirky touch to their wedding plans.Whether you’re arranging transport for a wedding or prom, there’s no need to worry about the great British weather spoiling your fabulous hair-do or outfit as many motorcycle trikes have a fold-down hood, designed to offer effective protection from the elements.  It’s also worth bearing in mind that although these unusual bikes always look fantastic, it is possible to decorate or customise them to coordinate with your chosen colour scheme.

If you haven’t got around to proposing yet, a chauffeur driven motorcycle trike trip could also make the perfect opportunity for popping the question!  An amazing experience you’ll both enjoy, a bike tour in the countryside would present the perfect opportunity to get down on one knee….

For a truly memorable special occasion, why not consider hiring a fleet of motorcycle trikes and make an entrance that will be remembered for a very long time?  Several motorcycle trike hire companies offer the option to hire a group of trikes, offering the perfect transport for the wedding of a bike fan.  Imagine the scene as the bride and bridesmaids arrive together on a fleet of bikes! Motorcycle trikes make an unusual backdrop for photos of your big day – wedding photos with the bike in the background can look stunning, or why not arrange for some photos of you and your friends on the bike outside your prom venue?

A trip on a motorcycle trike also makes the perfect gift for a memorable birthday.  It’s now possible to hire motorcycle trikes for chauffer driven tours around some of the most beautiful parts of the UK, with a day-trip on a bike being the perfect way to see the countryside like you’ve never seen it before!  Sitting on the back of a bike really does give a special view which not even the worst of the weather can spoil.  Why not consider organising a motorcycle trike trip – maybe with a pub lunch halfway – for a special birthday this really is a truly memorable gift for a that special someone.

There are several companies offering trike trips – do a search in Google or try: visit Scotland, or similar…

The rise of the Motorbike Hearse

These days a whole host of different ideas are available for funerals and adding a special touch to a funeral service is the perfect way to pay tribute to a loved one.  From woodland burials and funeral services at football grounds, through to unusual forms of funeral transport, it’s possible to arrange a fitting tribute that’s uniquely suited to your loved one. Booria Dragon ( offer the perfect funeral transport in the form of a motorcycle hearse for this special, sad time.

Biker Hearse

The memory of a motorbike enthusiast can be honoured and commemorated with a motorcycle funeral hearse; providing memorable and dignified funeral transport, a motorcycle funeral hearse is a great way to express their individuality.

Although a motorcycle hearse is the ideal funeral transport for a bike-loving individual, in my experience these unusual hearses are becoming more and more popular amongst a wide range of people.  Motorbikes can bring back a wealth of memories and offer a distinctive tribute for fans of heavy metal, rock music or anyone looking for something a little bit different. There’s a history of people using different transports and services for funerals. A funeral can be looked upon as a celebration of someone’s life – take a look here at this info about New Orleans Jazz Funerals.

Many bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts love motorcycling because of the freedom of the open road and for many, a traditional funeral service does not appeal.  Arranging for them to make their final journey in true biker style is the very best way to acknowledge the freedom that motorcycling brings.  Your loved ones’ biker friends can be part of that final journey too as they’ll be encouraged to form a procession behind the hearse, making an eye-catching yet dignified send-off.

If a motorcycle funeral hearse isn’t your thing, there’s a huge range of unusual options available nowadays.  Many people still opt for a traditional hearse and whilst this is still the most common form of funeral transport, even hearses are now available in unusual designs.  A Victorian horse-drawn glass-sided hearse, complete with black velvet and feather trimmings, are becoming commonplace once again.

Other unusual forms of funeral transport include lorries and several funeral directors in the UK now offer the option to arrange for a coffin to be transported in vintage lorries.  Lorries offer flexible funeral transport as thanks to the wide rear deck, it’s possible to customise the lorry, possibly with flowers or items that represent the hobbies or interests of the deceased.

For something even more unusual, a converted VW camper van offers a unique form of alternative funeral transport.  A few have been tastefully converted for funeral transport use with a handful of funeral directors offering them for hire in the UK.

Although not generally considered suitable for funeral transport, 4 wheel drive vehicles and Landrovers are now becoming increasingly popular as funeral transport for farmers, 4 x 4 enthusiasts and for military funerals.  When arranged sympathetically, this highly unusual form of funeral transport makes an ideal tribute, perfectly representing the life of the deceased.

Whatever your loved one’s wishes, all good funeral directors will do their utmost to accommodate even the most unusual requests for funeral transport.  It’s important to remember that the funeral cortege is the ‘public face’ of the funeral so tasteful, dignified transport is the best way to give a fitting tribute and a final send-off with style.

Motorbiking for all

Biking is great fun as a hobby, a recreation sport or a passion you turn to in times you need new energy and a fresh outlook on life. Biking is a serious business for some and a lifestyle for others, it’s the basis for a prominent subculture that exists in every country of the world and it’s most definitely a mindset. Whether you like to go on a beach cruiser with family during the weekend or whether you are a hard core motorbike fan always commuting on your iron friend come rain, snow or sunshine, you love the outdoors, the wind on your face and the sensation of being one with the surroundings. Biking is very enjoyable if you pay attention to security and comfort. Every time you mount your motorcycle you should check all the prominent parts of it for breakages. Checking equipment and having safety and first-aid kits with you is also a must. Wearing comfortable clothing and clothing that will protect you from the weather conditions, whatever they might be, is really important too. Never forgetting that you are more vulnerable that the driver in a car next to you is a prerogative for doing it right on the road. If you keep all this in mind and never take risks you will enjoy biking always. After all, it’s your favorite thing to do.

Fun, fun, fun for health and motorbikes

Bikes and cruisers are a great opportunity to have fun, exercise and explore the world from a different new angle. The types of bikes, motorcycles and cruisers out there are numerous. For every person under the sun there is the right type of bike depending on the budget, intention of use and personal preferences. If you are into motorcycles you can choose the most powerful sports bike or go for a ‘naked’ retro style model that will be a fashionable statement on the road. Bikes can be used for commuting in the city or even going for long travels as groups to exotic countries and far away corners of the world. Other bikes can be used for cruising on the beach or doing sports as a profession.

Biking is very important as a sport in the middle of busy cities. It incorporates exercise into commuting, it develops lungs and prevents coronary diseases, as well as making depression and mental problems less likely. You can use bikes as a family as there are many accessories available to take kids with you. As they grow older you can teach them the green and healthy way to commute in the city. It’s lots of fun and it’s a good choice for everybody. So keep it up!

How to pick out the right type of motorbike…tips from the top!

If you are a motorcycle enthusiast but still haven’t got your own bike you will be looking for some tips about choosing the right motorbike for you. There are many types of motorcycles out there but you will have to look at what will suit your particular situation. Cruisers are good for long-distance riding, however it may be more difficult to turn corners at high speed because of low-slung design. Sport bikes, also knows as performance bikes, are easy to accelerate and slow down, are very maneuverable and develop great speeds. These bikes have lightweight frames and very powerful engines. The braking system is very good and the bikes are durable and stable. They are perfect for those who love speed and adventure. If you are a commuting rider and spend long hours on the road, you will benefit from a touring bike. They offer weather protection and have bigger fuel tanks to cut stops for fill-ups. They also boast a more relaxed and comfortable sitting position. A very fundamental and basic bike is the street bike perfect for people spending lots of time riding in the city, it’s functional, simple, that’s why they are also nicknamed ‘naked’. As you can see, there are many types of bikes you can choose from. Figure out your priorities and do your picking.

Get on your motorbike and start flying

Motorcycling is a wonderful hobby, a great way to spend time, travel and learn new things about the world around. In a car people are squashed into a cubicle and cannot enjoy the surrounding world. They can see out the windows but they can’t smell the grass, feel the wind on their face taste the sense of adventure that motorcycling (and, by the way, beach bikes) offers. When on my motor bike or simply on beach cruiser I have this sensation of being one with nature and every time I have to go somewhere I get really excited as I will be using my bike again, experiencing that oneness with the world outside. Motorcycling opens up new possibilities as well. I have done extensive travelling with my bike into places that are too remote or impassable by cars. I have travelled in the desert and on curvy mountain roads. The sense of freedom I got was really liberating, it felt like flying must feel to birds in the sky. It is also possible to share this sensation with friends when motorcycling as a group. It really gives a sense of brotherhood and closeness, taking friendship and sports to a new level.